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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Rural Honduras


Other Ways to Give


Join our 2016 Graduation Challenge!

Back in the Spring we celebrated graduation season in the US. Whether it was kindergarten, high school, college or graduate school, our students passed a major milestone in their lives. Graduation in the US is essentially a rite of passage. We want graduation to be just as "automatic" in Honduras as it is in the US.

In June we launched our 2016 Graduation Challenge - a crowd-funding initiative to fund a school in our L4L family which is not currently benefitting from an external sponsor. In other words, the 152 students at Napoleon Arias Cristales are currently receiving lunch in school and we are asking our L4L supporters to help us fully-fund the program there for 2016. Now that the end of 2016 is upon us, and people are planning their year-end giving, we invite you to consider a year-end gift in support of this challenge.

Through the summer we secured $12,800 toward the $22,800 cost of the lunch program at Napoleon Arias Cristales. Our goal is to secure the remaining $10,000 by year-end to fully fund this school in support of the 152 students enrolled there.

Have questions? Visit our Donate Today page, or contact Phil Dodson.


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