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InRoads Newsletter

Our 2022 InRoads newsletter, available as a FlipBook for online viewing, was our first newsletter since 2019 because Honduran schools were closed for most of 2020 and all of 2021. We were active throughout the school shutdown period, but we decided to forego newsletters in 2020 and 2021 because we were operating under unprecedented conditions during those two years.

View some archived issues of InRoads here:

InRoads Newsletter 2019      InRoads Newsletter 2018      InRoads Newsletter 2017      InRoads Newsletter Summer 2016

Here are a couple of back issues from 2015, and a real "walk down memory lane" from Winter 2008:

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Upcoming Events

Join us on a Trip to Honduras!
L4L offers three distinctly different types of trips
and we hope you will consider joining us in 2023:

Day-in-the-Life and Sponsor Trip Dates
February 19-22, 2023
March 26-29, 2023
July 16-19, 2023
September 24-27, 2023

Graduation Trip Dates
November 12-15
November 15-18

All L4L trips are confirmed on a first-come/first-served basis. If you have an interest in participating in any of these trips, please contact us at empower@lunchesforlearning.org to reserve your preferred dates and begin the planning process.

Day-in-the-Life Trip - Ideal for folks who are new to L4L, considering involvement, or just want to see the impact first-hand. Guests will visit approximately 7-8 different schools in the L4L program over two days. Schools to be visited are selected by L4L staff. The ideal group size is up to 3 individuals per grouping due to vehicle capacity limitations.

Sponsor Trip - For folks who are actively involved with School Sponsorships at one or more schools. A per-person fee is required, to ensure that L4L operational funds are not impacted. Schools to be visited are determined by the participants' sponsorship relationships. The ideal group size is up to 3 individuals per grouping due to vehicle capacity limitations.

Graduation Trip - These take place in November each year. This is a way for School Sponsors to celebrate graduation with the children who have directly benefitted from our sponsors' generosity. A per-person fee is required to cover L4L logistical costs. School celebrations to be attended are determined by the sponsorship relationships of the individuals on each trip. Group sizes are flexible. 
Know before you go! Travel logistics have changed over the past two years. Here are a few of the changes that will impact the timing and logistics of any L4L trip:
  • International flights now arrive at a new international airport known as Palmerola (XPL) in the city of Comayagua. This new airport is located northwest of Tegucigalpa, which adds some travel time in getting to L4L's operational area in Nacaome, south of Tegucigalpa.
  • The only US cities which offer non-stop flights to Palmerola Airport are Dallas, Houston, and Miami. Flights to Palmerola from these cities are the most convenient.
  • L4L supporters who typically fly out of Atlanta, or who fly through Atlanta from other cities, will recall that Delta Airlines had very convenient non-stop flights from Atlanta to Tegucigalpa for many years. Those Delta routes were canceled in 2020 and have still not been reinstated.
  • Flights from Atlanta to Palmerola now require at least one layover - usually in either Miami (American Airlines) or Ft. Lauderdale (Spirit Airlines).
  • Because of the impact of layovers on arrival dates/times, all travelers participating in any L4L trip will need to be sure that they are landing at Palmerola Airport on the same date as all other participants on that trip (February 19, March 26, July 16, etc. - as displayed in the trip dates above). 
  • A new super-highway provides convenient travel times between the Palmerola Airport and our base of operations in Nacaome, effectively circumventing the traffic nightmare known as the city of Tegucigalpa. Because this new highway is rather desolate - with virtually no "civilization" along the new route - we now make sure to have at least two vehicles making the trek, regardless of the number of guests on the trip, just to be sure that no guests or staff ever find themselves stranded in the event of a flat tire or other vehicle malfunction.
  • This is true for all, but particularly for those who will be traveling from the Eastern U.S. through Atlanta. These logistical changes will make for very long travel days - on both the front end and the back end - as compared to what our supporters have experienced in the past. We want to effectively manage your expectations in this regard.
  • Logistics on the ground in Nacaome - visiting L4L schools, attending L4L graduation celebrations, etc. - will remain unchanged​​​​.
  • We hope that you will consider traveling to Honduras with us. For reasons beyond our control, we have been away from our friends in the Valle Department for far too long. Our friends in Honduras are anxious to see us again, so we hope that you will consider making a trip with us.
If you have any questions about an L4L trip to Honduras ... any at all ... please contact us so that we can get your questions answered. 
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